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Weiking Attended the UNMANNED SYSTEMS ASIA 2017

The first UNMANNED SYSTEMS ASIA 2017 was successfully held at the Changi Exhibition Center in Singapore from 18th to 20th April 2017. Weiking Electronics, as a professional supplier of high reliability power conversion products,  attended this event as an exhibitor and showed our self-designed DC-DC converters, linear regulators, switching regulators, pre-regulators, hold-up modules, EMI filters, transient suppressors, and board level power supply appropriate for PC104.
Mr. Wangweijing, the director of our company, Mr. Li Baojie, the R&D manager, and Eudora Zhang, the international sales formed the exhibition team. At the same time, Mr. Adrian Chen, the Senior Sales Manager, and Mr. Ivan the Senior Sales Engineer of PRECISION TECHNOLOGIES (Weiking's distributor in southeast Asia) were present to promote Weiking products.
Through this exhibition, Weiking has won the interest of the unmanned system professionals, which, on the one hand, helped us reach an in-depth cooperation consensus with our distributor, on the other hand, played a positive role in expanding our international market and excavating new application area of our products. 

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