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Quality system

The product quality is an enterprise's life. The continuing development, assessment and refinement of Weiking's quality systems and manufacturing processes contribute to our success. The scientific management and continuous improvements effecting our product's quality guarantees our high reliability and high grade. This quality coupled with honest business practices, excellent customer service, and knowledgable FAE support has established Weiking's positive reputation.

Weiking was accredited to ISO9001: 2000 authentication of quality management system In October 2005 and obtained the "High-New Technology Enterprises" honor in December of the same year. In August 2007 we were certified to the government's new GJB9001A-2001 company authentication of military product quality management system and received re-certification to the GB/T19001-2008 (idt ISO9001: 2008) quality management system in August 2008.

These accreditations exhibits that Weiking's top level management is committed to the establishment and optimization of quality management system, and that the whole company was involved in the extensive work required for the quality management system accreditation. According to a company plan an internal audit was carried out, followed by a management review, and corresponding adjustments have been implemented, demonstrating a high level of self-optimization ability. The certification registration requirements of ISO9001: 2008 quality management systems have been met and are being maintained.

We have awarded Quality Management System Certification (AS9100C) for Aviation Aerospace and Defense Organization by France Bureau Veritas International Group in January 2013.

ISO9001 EN/AS9100
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