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Established in 2004, Weiking Electronics Manufacturing (Xi'an) Co., Ltd. is a professional supplier specialized in developing, manufacturing and marketing of DC-DC converters and special thick-film hybrid ICs.

Adhering to the guideline of "Advanced Pre-research, Mature Technical Products, Various Application Technologies", Weiking has built a strong R&D team consists of the experts on power conversion and thick film hybrid ICs. Currently our power electronics have formed a series of products, including general DC-DC converters, high-voltage output DC-DC Converters, low ripple output DC-DC converters, linear regulators, switching regulators, EMI filters, pre-regulators, hold-up modules, etc., allowing us to provide customers with a complete solution for DC conversion.


Our products are strictly designed and manufactured in accordance with the requirements and specification of MIL-PRF-38534 and relevant industrial standards, and can be widely used in military, aerospace, vessel, high-speed rail and other high-reliability applications.

Weiking has a SMT electronic assembly line and a thick-film hybrid integrated circuit seal production line. The SMT electronic assembly line is equipped with solder paste printer, full-automatic power test system, EMI test receiver, Italian ACS high-low temperature/humidity test chambers, leak detector, high temperature test chambers, DC-DC burn-in detecting systems as well as various necessary test equipment and experimental facilities, which can offer the best conditions for volume production and can meet the requirements for conducting a variety of tests and experiments.

Weiking was accredited to ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System Certification in October 2005, and then passed the ISO9001:2008 for version upgrade in 2010. The company has also passed the AS/EN9100 in January 2013.

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Scrupulously following a business model based on the spirit of "Faith and Quality is the Life of Enterprise" and relying on our employees' tenacious striving for success through energetic commitment and advanced management techniques, Weiking marches forward with steady steps on the road to the first-class supplier of high-reliability power electronics.



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