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Recommended Products
Recommended Products
WKI28***-20 SERIES
High reliability, small size
-55  to +105°C operation
16 to 40VDC input
Fixed frequency, 265kHz typical
Inhibit function
Short circuit protection
Optocoupler feedback
Hermetic DIP
The WKI28***-20 Series of high frequency DC/DC converters offers high performance for low power, military/aerospace and aviation applications. WKI28***-20 parts provides up to 20 watts output power over the full temperature range of -55 to +105°C with up to 84% efficiency.
The WKI28***-20 Series’ small size, low height, and hermetically sealed metal enclosures make them ideal for use in military, aerospace and other high reliability applications. Units are available with standard screening, and fully compliant class E/M screening.
The input filter circuit is designed to reduce electro-magnetic interference. The typical input voltage is 28V, and ranges from 16V to 40V. The switching frequency is fixed at 265 KHz to minimize noise. The WKI28***-20 series also provides some control functions such as shut down, and short circuit protection.
The WKI28***-20 Series is compatible with Interpoint MHD Series.
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